A total community driven token

BoomBaby is a community-driven, decentralized token with automatic rewards for all hodlers. Renounced, locked & on a mission 🚀

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  • Liquidity 4% Auto liquidity
  • Redistribution 4% Redistribution
  • Burn 4% Burn supply
  • Max buy and sell 5T Max sell/buy

Is it really community driven?

So many projects enters the markets as community-driven and yet there's always some owner that sets the rule for marketing and guidelines of branding. We want to encourage each individual investor to participate as owners and not just holder.

You make a difference in the community

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Use the Uniswap integration below to buy directly with ETH.



How much can i buy?

5,000,000,000,000 is the maximum amount of tokens allowed to be traded at once, no matter the price. These limitations applies to all transactions: Both buying and selling.


Why can't i buy more?

The limitation is only on the transaction. You can make as many transactions as you would like. This is to avoid bots and to give people a chance to buy the dip if someone should sell.

Where can i contact the community?

The community constantly creates more social channels so please start by entering the Telegram:

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Sleep tight

What's the goal?

The goal is to create a platform where new baby investors can learn about crypto/tokens and how to invest in something other then Bitcoin and Ethereum through a CEX. This includes a custom charting-app, wiki-pages, forums/discussions, NFT marketplace and so much more. Every app will have subscription plans payable by $BOOMB.


How to develop apps?

A detailed documentation will be published with a REST API integration for easy access to all developers. This will allow delevopments of even more community projects.

Fork and knife

How can i support the project?

You should be doing what you believe helps the project the most considering your personal talents. If you're a developer: code something. If you're a graphic designer: design something. If you got a talent then use it to promote the community. If you don't know then ask, tweet, share and like.


Who's the creator?

The creator is among you all. He created the contract and launched it. Locked his liquidity and has bought back in on the same terms as everyone else.

What apps to expect?

To start we have 4 utility apps that are already being developed.


Knowledge base

Estimated in June
BOOMB Forums

Community discussions

Estimated in June
BOOMB Charts

Charting tool

Estimated in July
BOOMB Auction

NFT auction platform

Estimated in July

Marketing wallet

The market wallet address. This is public for our community to verify transactions. Will as much as possible only be used for direct investor trades to avoid any and all sells on the exchange.